Preparing a Work Plan

work plan

Chapter 11 Preparing a Work Plan (page 413) Obj. 2

YOUR TASK: First your group/team will decide on a main broad topic to research and write about, subject to my approval. Then each member of your group/team will pick a

component of this main topic to do his/her term report on. Each member must conduct his/her

own research. Instructions and criteria for the term paper will be posted on Blackboard soon.

In Chapter 11, the importance of a structured work plan for any long report project is discussed.

Prepare a work plan that includes the following:

a. Statement of the report topic. In several sentences describe the main topic and explain

what might be some things you may uncover.

b. Expanded statement of purpose for your topic, including scope, limitations, and

significance. In a second paragraph, explain further or clarify exactly what problem or

problems you will be researching and what questions you will attempt to answer. Also,

state what is the significance of your research? In other words, once you make your

conclusions, how can your recommendations be useful and why should anyone consider


c. Research strategy to answer the questions or provide information. Discuss what

secondary or primary sources you will use. For secondary sources, name the academic

sites you will look at. For primary sources, are you going to conduct an interview? Do

you plan on doing a survey? If so, where will you conduct this survey? State any other

strategy you will use to research your component of the main topic.

d. Tentative outline of key questions to answer. Brainstorm ideas and convert these ideas

into an outline.

e. Work schedule. To be accountable and avoid procrastination, make up a work schedule

for yourself so that you are not writing this paper the day before it is due. Be sure to

follow your own schedule.

Word Count: 350

Due: Bring your response in Memo Format to class

(Check Assignment Schedule on Blackboard.)

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