Ecosystem Approach

In this assignment, you will use the Ecosystems Approach (combining Ecological and Systems theories- see pg. 51 of Textbook). Use at least 5 professional sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, studies, books, book chapters, etc.) about the theory and the movie Moonlight and thoroughly answer the following:    Fully describe the theory including the main concepts and principles. (1 pg)  Using the sources you’ve reviewed, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the theory (what is it helpful in understanding, what isn’t it helpful in understanding, does it have flaws). Be specific and explain. (1pg).    Describe how the theory can be used to explain this “case,” the characters’ behaviors and attitudes (positive and negative) from Moonlight. How does the theory help us understand every level of the systems and how they function/interact? Use examples from the movie to help illustrate your points. (2 pgs)  Summarize your analysis overall of this theory, how helpful was it to understand this “case” and include the specific populations and contexts when and where you believe this theory IS appropriate and IS NOT appropriate to be used and support your position. (1 pg). This is a very important section of this paper.


Part 1: Do blogs have integrity? Analyze a unique blog of your choice with respect to Integrity. Find a blog that either has integrity or one that is deceptive or misleading. Describe the blog, tell us if it has integrity or not, and why. Provide a URL to the blog. 


Part 2: What types of graphs have you produced or used in your current work environment or in other courses? Why is it so important to know how to create graphical depictions of your data? Search the Internet for an example of a specific statistical report that you have found that could be misinterpreted and explain why it could be misinterpreted.  Provide URL.