sample work plan


sample work plan

Memo To: Professor Nazik Arisian



Re: Chapter 11 “Preparing a Work Plan” Technology’s Impact on Interpersonal Communication

A. Statement of the report topic: Many professionals debate about whether technology has strengthened or weakened interpersonal

communication. I want to analyze the different channels people use in order to communicate, and discuss

the pros and cons of each preferred method.

B. Expanded statement of purpose for your topic: The purpose of this report is to determine whether technology has improved or weakened

interpersonal communication. I will examine different channels used for personal communication. At the

end of these examinations, I will then determine whether this type of communication has benefited

through the use of technology. Besides researching online, I will also create a survey that will be

completed by a minimum of twenty participants. The survey will inform readers about the use and/or

benefit of technology in interpersonal relationships.

C. Research strategy to answer questions: I will support my topic by creating surveys detailing the use of technology in participants’

interpersonal relationships. The surveys will also emphasize participants’ preference on the use of these

channels of communication. I plan on researching through the use of primary sources as well, such as

online research databases, books, etc.

D. Tentative outline of key questions to answer: I. Has technology strengthened interpersonal communication?

A. What are the different channels of communication? B. Are these channels necessary in order to have effective communication?

II. How do professionals and the public feel about communication today? A. Does research support technological improvement on communication? B. How did people answer to the surveys?

III. Is technology necessary for interpersonal communication today? A. How does face-to-face compare to its technological equivalent (web/video chats)? B. Are there other methods of digital communication to compare to?

E. Work Schedule (projected completion dates):

 Research primary sources for report (February 24-31)

 Create surveys (February 31-March 1)

 Give surveys to at least 20 participants (March 2-6)

 Collect data and interpret results (March 7-10)

 Compose draft (March 14-21)

 Revise draft (March 21-April10)

 Submit final report (April 16th)

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