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Question 1 Economics professors are well aware of the importance of incentives. Which of the following situations shows the use of a positive incentive?

Question 2 Some public transit systems use an “honor system” whereby patrons have to show that they have paid their fare only when asked for it by an enforcement officer. With what population would such a system be successful?

Question 3 As a new firm in the apple­picking business, you have considered adding an economist to your management team. What would this economist be unable to help your managerial team with?

Question 4 Indirect incentives create:

Question 5 What is the opportunity cost of taking this exam?

Question 6 When most economists wake up in the morning, their first decision is whether or not to hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock. What statement best represents their thought process as a rational decision­maker?

Question 7 Who benefits from voluntary trade?

Question 8 Opportunity cost is the ________ alternative forfeited when a choice is made.

Question 9 The opportunity cost of a purchase is:

Question 10 Why would economists find it surprising if the CEO of a large company does his or her own housework?

Question 11 The U.S. federal government offers homeowners a tax deduction for their home loan interest payments. This reduction in taxes serves as a(n) ________ to buy a house.

Question 12 Many stores are open 24 hours a day. When store managers make the decision to stay open 24 hours, it must be the case that:

Question 13 What is the strongest argument for why we need more economists today than ever before?

Question 14 An opportunity cost is the:

Question 15 Economics is concerned with the trade­offs that emerge because of scarcity. The term “trade­offs” refers to:

Question 16 The government controls for many indirect incentives in safety net social programs by:

Question 17 Which of the following is a microeconomic question?

Question 18 Microeconomics is the study of:

Question 19 While generous disability insurance can help those who have been permanently injured, it can also increase the likelihood that individuals will falsely claim to be disabled. This likelihood is a(n):

Question 20 When consumers discard their gasoline­powered automobiles for electric­powered ones, this partially reflects the ________ of gasoline:

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