Analyze A Workplace Leadership Situation From A Social/Environmental Perspective.

Analyze A Workplace Leadership Situation From A Social/Environmental Perspective.


To analyze a workplace leadership situation from a social/environmental perspective.


This assignment will have two parts.

Part 1: Formal Paper

Part 1 will be a formal paper with an extended analysis of a workplace situation. Select and describe a real leadership situation (i.e. one you’ve experienced or read about in a reputable publication) relating to a social/environmental issue in an organization. Interweave thorough explanations based on a social/environmental theory of work behavior from the course. Clarify why your analysis makes sense by logically explaining and connecting the theory. The explanations in your analysis must be clearly linked to this theory. Solid analyses have a strong logic behind them, and theory and data are two of the strongest sources to ensure that success.

Be sure to do the following:

  1. Define key terms of the social/environmental theory of work behavior and its associated pieces so that the reader can see that you understand the theory and related concepts.
  2. Apply the theory.
    • How does it explain the leadership situation?
    • What about the situation does it explain (and not explain)?
  3. Synthesize.

There is no right or wrong answer for this paper, but you must make your argument based on the standards set above and in a clear and concise manner. This means with a clear thesis statement, detailed explanations, apparent connection between theory and behaviors, and strong organization.

Formal Paper Format

Your paper must follow APA guidelines for paper writing. Refer to the Formal Paper Formatpage for information and resources.

Part 2: Case

Part 2 will be an instructional case with a condensed analysis of the workplace leadership situation. Modern organizations commonly utilize instructional modules based on cases to train new leaders and provide continuing education to existing leaders. Imagine that you have been hired by an organization to develop an instructional module that will be used by its human resources department for training. Divide the instructional module into three sections:

  • Case: Embed the leadership situation in a coherent story.
  • Reflection questions: Ask several meaningful questions about the case to promote reflection.
  • Commentary: Analyze the situation and recommend a solution. Use everyday language that anyone can understand.

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