You want to determine whether the reasons

You want to determine whether the reasons given by workers for continuing their education is related to job type. In the? study, you randomly collect the data shown in the contingency table. At ?=0.01?, can you conclude that the reason and type of worker are?dependent? Complete parts? (a) through? (d).a) Identify the claim and state the null and alternative hypotheses.?(b) Determine the degrees of? freedom, find the critical? value, and identify the rejection region.What are the degrees of? freedom?Find the critical value.Choose the correct rejection region (either > or < )(c) Calculate the test statistic. If? convenient, use technology.(d) Decide to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Then interpret the decision in the context of the original claim. And WhyType of WorkerTechnicalOther Professional Personal31464824 Both3440


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