Why is AdWords a good website traffic acquisition tool?

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GOMAC – Pre-Campaign Deck Instructions 2018

Both reports for the GOMAC are in presentation slide deck format to be submitted in SlideShare.


You will be submitting your slides via a SlideShare link so be sure that you have your slides set to Private, Anyone with the Link can view and Allow Users to Download (see privacy settings below).



All teams should select from a Canva presentation template that will allow for more design flare and visual impact.

The template should be formatted to reflect your client’s brand and relevant imagery should be included.

Once created, your presentation should be saved in PDF format to be uploaded to SlideShare.


Pre-campaign Strategy decks must contain 5-10 slides.

Use no smaller than the equivalent of 12-point Arial font for all text, tables, figures, footnotes, or any other elements.

Do not include any information in the notes pages of the slides.

Do not include any information that shows your team members’ names or institutional affiliation (e.g. college, university).

Save your file using this naming convention pre- [YOUR TEAM’S AdWords CID]. Your CID is the AdWords account number found in the upper right hand corner of the account.


You have a lot of leverage with the content you submit in your pre-campaign deck. Your deck should achieve the following objectives:

A. Familiarize the judges with your client’s business

· Name, location, goods/services offered, competitive advantage, URL, existing marketing activities (online/offline), GA data (if applicable), target market, competition, overview of the industry, etc.

B. Outline the goals of the AdWords campaign

· Why is AdWords a good website traffic acquisition tool?

· What are you attempting to achieve with your campaign?

· Impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, Quality Score, Goal(s)

· How will track goal(s)?

C. Include AdWords account details

· Number of campaigns, campaign types, focus for each campaign, geo-targets

· Sample keywords, match types to be used, sample negative keywords

· Ad extensions that will be used

· Display campaign targeting methods

You might choose to present the information in chart format:


Yoga Classes

Sample Keywords Campaign:

Dance Classes

Sample Keywords
Ad Groups Acro Yoga +Acro +yoga +class London

“acro yoga class”

Find +acro +yoga +class

Bellydancing “bellydancing classes”

Learn to +bellydance London

Hot Yoga Best +hot +yoga class

“hot yoga classes”

Tango “Couples tango class”

[tango lessons London]

Prenatal Yoga “prenatal yoga studio”

+prenatal +yoga London

Ballroom “ballroom dancing London”

“ballroom dancing instructor”

Seniors’ Yoga “yoga for seniors”

“senior citizen yoga”

Cha-cha “learn to cha cha London”

[cha cha dance classes]

· Sample text ads (take screenshots from within the AdWords platform) with messaging rationale (ie. which calls to action are you using and why, which competitive advantages are you leveraging).

In this section, you might want to discuss your use of the dynamic keyword insertion tool.

You might also want to discuss how many ads will be run within each ad group and how they will be rotated.

· image1.pngSample display campaign ads (include screenshots) with design/messaging rationale

· How are you going to spend your budget across the 21 day period (including rationale)?

You might choose to include a chart here:

· Keyword bidding strategies

Are you using an automated bid strategy or will you bid manually?

How do you plan to bid for on your words?

Ads Relevance. Is there a clear connection between the ads and the ad group keyword list? /6
Ads Quality. Are the ads well written, to they read well, do they have hard hitting messages, is there a call to action? /6
Ads Editorial Guidelines. Do the ads adhere to Google’s editorial guidelines? Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion used properly? /4
Ads Extensions – all relevant extensions present & effective? /3
Ads Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation. Are the ads error free? Are the ads punctuated properly? /3
Keywords/ Ad Groups Were the keywords and ad groups corrected properly from phase 1? /3
Display Ads In line with the client’s brand?

Error Free?

Size Versions

Deck Does the deck outline the client’s business? /3
Deck Does the deck outline the goals of the AdWords campaign? /3
Deck Does the deck include all relevant AdWords account details with justification? /8
Deck Is the design effective, creative and reflective of the client’s brand?

Is the deck free of spelling & grammatical errors?


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