What family type and stage does the Davis family represent?

Day Two Assignment

Answer the following case study in an APA formatted paper. Research sources to answer this question must be identified in your paper.“The Davis family consists of Andrea, age 46 years; Thomas, age 48; maternal grandmother Theresa, age 79; Thomas Jr., age 20; Claire, age 17; and Megan, age 15. They all live together in a two-story, four-bedroom house. The house has a total of three bathrooms: two are on the top floor, and one is located in the finished portion of the basement. Thomas Jr. has his own bedroom, whereas the girls, Claire and Megan, share a room. Grandmother Theresa sleeps in her own room next to the girls’ room. Thomas has been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day since he was a teenager. He has a strong wish to quit smoking but has yet to find a way to be successful. Thomas works as a millwright in a lumberyard. In recent years he has been complaining of intermittent back pain. His last physical examination was 2 years ago. Tests showed that he was in good general health except for being 15 pounds overweight. Andrea and the children are in good health. Theresa has arthritis that makes walking difficult.”
  1. What family type and stage does the Davis family represent?
  2. What health needs can you identify for these family members?

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