The purpose of this assessment is to encourage students to apply their understanding of American politics to a practical scenario.

one:Campaign Strategy Brief (1300 words)
Due date-3rd of April,Harvard style-7 references only(no plagiarism please)
The purpose of this assessment is to encourage students to apply their understanding of American politics to a practical scenario. Students should choose one (and only one) of the following scenarios as the basis for their campaign strategy brief. In each case, you have to take up the role of an expert strategist and you should aim to provide your client with the best political advice possible. You should assume that your client has a weak understanding of the circumstances in which s/he finds herself. Your aim is to enlighten your client by providing her with a thorough digest of the strategic situation that she confronts, by explaining to her the range of options, and by offering a clear recommendation about what would be the most practical course of action for her and her organization.
You’ll need to spend some time reading around the scenario you choose, so you understand the relevant context—remember, you’re an expert so you need to know what’s going on. The background material you’ll need can be found with some serious online research. Begin with the links that I have provided, then build on this with your own independent research. To support your arguments, it might be useful to read about historical episodes that bear some resemblance to the one you’ve chosen. Unlike a traditional essay, you are not expected to engage in depth with scholarly arguments and evidence—this is a more practical exercise. In terms of format, you should feel free to set out your brief either as a memo (i.e., divided into sections such as client/context/options/recommendation) or as a formal letter, or in any other reasonable format. But, remember, you should be writing as if the brief is going to your client. So, for example, if you adopt the letter style, you should address it to your client.Scenario 1: A Presidential Nomination Race
It is the evening of January 3, 2008 and the results from the Iowa caucuses held earlier that day are coming in. You are the principal political strategist for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic Party nominee for president. Your candidate has performed worse than expected in Iowa and has asked for an urgent memo from you to explain what went wrong and how the campaign can be reconfigured to improve her campaign’s chances in the primaries and caucuses to follow. Your brief should analyze the state-of-the-race, drawing attention to your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the other candidates, and propose a strategy to enable Clinton to bounce back and win.
To begin your research, consult:,_2008#Chronicle
Scenario 2: Rebuilding a Defeated Political Party
It is January 15, 1993. You are the principal political strategist working within the offices of Rep. Newt Gingrich, who has just been returned to House of Representatives from Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Your client, Mr Gingrich, is also a leading figure of the Republican Party in the House, and currently serves as House Minority Whip. Mr Gingrich has asked you to prepare a memo, to account for why the Republican Party lost the presidential election in 1992 and what steps it should take to rebuild its standing in the country and, especially, in Washington. Thus, your memo should explain what went wrong for the party and how the problems that were exposed at the 1992 election might be remedied.
To begin your research, consult:,_1992
Scenario 3: The Politics of Gun Control
It is July 31, 2017 and – congratulations! – it is your first day at work as the principal political strategist at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV). As your first task, the Director of CSGV has asked you to prepare a memo outlining a strategy to achieve the tightening of gun laws across America. Your memo should provide a brief summary of why this area of policy has been so difficult to regulate, and identify potential ways to overcome some of the enduring hurdles. It might be beneficial to draw on the experience of American states, or indeed other countries, that have managed to make progress on this issue.
To begin your research, consult:



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