– Subject: MGMT-340 Business Systems Analysis Project Planning and Selection # 1.

Pljain, Can you please write these outline questions:-Subject: MGMT-340 Business Systems AnalysisProject Planning and Selection# 1. Why is the process of identifying and selecting projects so crucial to an organization’s success? Discuss the reasons why organizations undertake information system projects. Do you have any experience as a team member in making go/no go type of project decisions? If so, why? If not, why not? How would you justify your decision?Project Feasibility# 2. Why is the process of assessing project feasibility so important? What are the various methods for assessing project feasibility? Which factor is the most important? Why? Can there be a situation when one assessment factor is more important than another factor?Course Text: – Essential of Systems Analysis and Design5th Editionby Valacich, George and Hoffer© 2011 Prentice Hall

Running Head: BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS Business Systems Analysis Answer 1: Project Planning and SelectionThe process of identifying and selecting projects is significant for the organizational…

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