Notice Of Privacy Practices


Notice Of Privacy Practices

Policies relating to Notices of Privacy are required by HIPAA for  covered entities and business associates. As the Director of HIM you  have been asked to review the requirements and recommend a policy for  adoption by the acute care hospital for which you work.

Review the requirements of the Notice of Privacy Practices from HHS at the link below.

Evaluate the two sample Notice of Privacy Practice policies  provided by clicking on the link below. Compare and contrast the  policies and recommend which you would select for adoption in your  organization. Support your decision and indicate if any revisions would  be needed to your selected policy in order to make it compliant with the  HIPAA guidelines. You are also encouraged to research other sample  forms available on the internet or through your personal experiences for  additional benchmarking ideas.

Sample Notice of Privacy Practices Presence Health Care

Sample Notice of Privacy Practices Boston Medical

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