Networking Security And Operating System

1. Describe the four main parts of the OS X graphical user interface and how they are used.  2. Discuss the steps you would take to create a file with the Terminal application in OS X or Linux.

3. Research why Linux servers usually do not have a graphical user interface installed. Write down the URL of the website you used to help come to your conclusion and explain your reasoning for not installing a GUI.

4. Linux is a stable platform but still has issues and can crash. Research what are some log files that are useful in Linux for troubleshooting.

5. Find a website that describes how to troubleshoot a Linux system that will not boot.  Write the URL and one thing you learned from the site.

6. Explain why you think businesses prefer to use Linux rather than Windows for  server environments.

7. What do you think are some drawbacks of using Linux rather than Windows for a server?

8. Describe five recommendations for protecting the operating system.  9. Discuss the three password guidelines you would recommend that a company use. 10. What are the main differences between a local policy and a domain policy? 11. A college requires that all employees use the last four digits of their Social Security number to access  the copier. Which type of security threat is this? How would you respond to it?

12. You work as an IT support person for a company. The user complains of slowness when opening files. No virus or malware is evident after complete scans have been completed. You open files to test this and find child pornography. What are your next three steps?

13. Your neighbor asks if he can borrow your application DVD and code. He promises he will not register the application. How will you respond to this because it is a personal request and not a professional one? To whom would you report this, if anyone?

14. What is the purpose of a DMZ? How is it used?

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