Negotiation And Mediation On Business Communication

A Negotiation And Mediation On Business Communication.

You can use the negotiation and business related topics, such as different cultures negotiate business organizations, the unfair negotiations in the negotiations, business negotiations on how to deal with the other side of the “trick”, negotiation skills, etc.

You will write a full-fledged paper on some aspect of the class. The paper should be more than just a literature review. It should contain analytical section(s) where your original thoughts and writings are evident.

Research paper  a.  Format: double-spaced, paged, one-inch margin all around, font size 12, use standard citation style (APA), between 11-14 pages.

b.  Choice of topic: you may choose any course related topic you are interested in. But I would like to know what you are planning to do before you move too far along. Your tentative topic and abstract are due at the end of our 3rd  week (viaemail).

Think about an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. These are always a work in progress. Some of your paragraphs are a too long and tend to run on. As a general rule, four to six sentences per paragraph is acceptable. This can interrupt you paragraph transitions and impact the overall flow of the piece. Think about writing from the perspective of the reader.

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