Laci Peterson Murder Case, law homework help

Physical evidence is the linkage between the victim and the offender. Physical evidence can be anything from a hair and fiber to a drop of blood. Since the revolutionary discoveries in DNA testing, many crimes that would have been unsolved due to lack of evidence, are solved through DNA testing.

The California couple, Scott and Laci Peterson, awaited their first child, when Laci went missing. Scott stated that he last saw her on December 24, 2002, before he went fishing on his boat. Laci’s decomposed body was washed ashore in April 2003. Laci wore khaki pants, the same pants as her sister identified seeing her wearing the night before her disappearance.

Perform research about the Laci Peterson murder case using the campus library or the online Rasmussen library as well as other online databases. Ensure that the resources are peer reviewed.

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