HRER 801 PSU Lesson 06 Effective method to positively affect team performance

The focus of this research paper is to answer the following question: What does recent research suggest is an effective method to positively affect team performance?

  • To answer the question you will conduct research in scholarly journals using the PSU online library.
  • Use ProQuest (multiple database) search engine. (Review the PowerPoint “Reading Academic Literature” to learn how to access this database.)
  • Choose the Peer Review and Full-Text search options.
  • Identify at least two articles that address the issue related to team performance noted in the first paragraph.
  • The articles MUST have been published within the last 12 months prior to the assignment’s due date.

Once you have studied your articles, create an essay of at least 750 words describing and analyzing their findings.

  • In each case make clear what drew you to the article.
  • After reading the articles, what questions linger or what aspects of the research or findings give you pause for concern or confusion?
  • And, in each case, connect the findings from your research to the material in the text. For example, in what way does the first key finding relate to the material in the text? Does it support the author’s discussion of team effectiveness in the text? If so, how? If not, how is your finding different?


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