Home Depot security breach

Case Study Due Wed

 Prompt: Choose either the Home Depot security breach or Target security breach from the articles below. Use the information provided to analyze the cybersecurity occurrence, determine which principles were violated, and recommend appropriate policies to prevent recurrence. Review the Module Six resources to complete this assignment.

After reviewing the details surrounding these two major breaches and the information from TestOut from this module, answer the following questions. Select either the Home Depot breach or Target breach as your exemplar.

 Which tenets of cybersecurity were violated in the breach? How were those attacks executed to bypass network defenses?

 What elements of network defense would have helped mitigate or prevent the breach?

 What elements of data defense would have helped mitigate or prevent the breach?

 What best practices would you recommend going forward to better secure the organization—both for overall defense and also to provide better detection?

Based on the TestOut sections from this module and the additional module resource articles that you reviewed, your paper should address the following critical elements:

 Identification of cybersecurity tenets that were violated and rationale of cause  Analysis of data defense that would have helped mitigate or prevent this breach  Recommendation of best practices to secure organization going forward

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