DUE TO ME NOT HAVING MY BOOK .. HERE IS ANOTHER GUEST ANSWER…To develop an IT budget one must decide first what items need to be covered. The list should include things such as payroll to run the IT software and hardware that is needed. The budget must also define the cost of running the IT department for a health care organization. The budget itself may also change depending on adding or subtracting costs.There are two major areas of concern when establishing a budget- the first of which is deciding how to continue being competitive with the new Medicare/Medicaid limitations. The second challenge is the consumer aspect- if they factor into the budget. When forming the budget they have input from many areas- this can include the CEO CFO and the finance department. (Andrews 2009)The one aspect of the budget process is determining what the final budget will be in relation to the insurers. The insurance companies have new laws put into place which can change reimbursement very quickly. This could change a budget rather quickly and they would need to rethink their strategies.The reason why management in health care IT is such a hot button issue is due to the constantly changing environment. With new health care laws new factors are always being taken into consideration. Training always needs to be implement and revised with the new changes.The eight fundamental steps for the process of change are increase urgency build guiding teams get the vision right communication for buy-in enable action create short-term wins dont let up and make it stick. Of these 8 steps the one that is the most significant is get the vision right. When any organization needs to complete a goal they need to define that goal explicitly. There should generally not be any grey areas and everyone should understand what needs to be accomplished. To complete the stage in question team leaders should get together and write down all aspects of the goal. This should then be distributed to the staff/employees.(Campbell (2008)


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