Developing Incentives Plans Project

Developing Incentives Plans Project

Due Date:  February 20, 2018

Length:  8 slides with speaker notes of 250 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides)

Develop a compensation plan for an organization that promotes both internal and external pay equity.

Implement a system of selecting human resources that is both valid and reliable.

The human resources specialties of compensation and benefits guide the organization’s leaders in attracting and retaining the best employees through a combination of strategic decisions. Employment laws regulate organizations in their application of compensation and benefits to provide the foundation for an equitable pay system.

Prepare a presentation for senior leaders that educates them on the laws and regulations that addresses the following:

–  Explain the various laws and regulations that regulate compensation and benefits, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and others.

–  What challenges does an organization face in implementing these laws?

–  Discuss the role of management, employees, and unions in compliance with these laws and regulations.

–  What recommendations would you make to an organization to monitor and ensure compliance with these laws and regulations?

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