Develop the Marketing Report of any Multinational or international Consumer Product

Topic: Develop the Marketing Report of any Multinational or international Consumer Product.

The purpose of this project is to examine and evaluate the launch of a multinational product life in terms of the consumer behavior, segmentation in relevant industry, positioning and branding, and the value of product itself.

Total length of the project should be 12-14 pages of text (Time New Roman references and any appendix material), single-spaced (12-point font) Title (16-point font bold), heading (14-point font bold all capital) and sub heading (12-point font small letter). Be sure to include a cover page that includes the name of university, project title and names of all group members. Use subheadings to divide the sections. Use colored A4 pages to divide the sections.

Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Customer Behavior and Segmentation

3. Positioning and Branding Analysis

4. Value Analysis

5. Marketing Tool Box

Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion.

6. Marketing Strategy Evaluation

Widespread market Strategy

Product Strategy

Price Strategy

7. Emerging Market Conditions and Trends

8. Suggestion for the company

9. References

Reference Style:

Be sure to cite all sources used in compiling information, whether paraphrasing or directly quoting those sources. If you are using direct quotes, include page numbers in the citation. Examples of bibliographic references:

For Journal Papers:

Sitkin, S. B., & Weingart, L. R. (1995). Determinants of risky decision-making behavior: A test of the mediating role of risk perceptions and propensity. Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 3 No. 2, pp. 1573-1592.

For Websites:

World Trade Organization (2012). Statistics database, International Trade and Tariffs Data. Retrieved July 31, 2016, from

For Books:

Carson, D., Gilmore, D., Perry, C., & Gronhaug, K. (2001). Qualitative Marketing Research. Great Britain: Sage

The most critical issue with respect to citation of sources is that the citation given in the text of the paper must match alphabetically a source in the reference list. Double-check and reconcile your reference list to make sure every citation is included!

Reference Quantity and Quality:

Your paper will be judged in part on the basis of your reference materials, both that you have used adequate sources to gain multiple perspectives and that these are respected, credible sources. It is expected that most of these are secondary sources, although primary sources are encouraged as well. A bibliography with fewer than 10 sources is likely to be judged as less than adequate.

Wikipedia may be used to help you identify credible sources, but do not rely on it as a reference. Multiple citations to Wikipedia will hurt your grade.


All tables, figures, graphs, and exhibits included within the paper should be numbered (i.e., Figure 1) and given a descriptive heading. At the bottom of each, the word `Source’ with full bibliographic citation should be included, as shown below.

Criteria for Project Evaluation


Is all the information specified in the outline for the project included? Are the topics chosen in the situation analysis adequate/reasonable?

Do reference citations reflect thorough use of available information sources? Are appendixes used effectively to supplement the text of the paper?


Has the specified structure for the document been followed? Is information presented in a neat, logical, well-organized manner?

Have all external information sources been credited through reference citations? Has the specified reference style been followed? Do citations in text and reference list match?

Creativity and Logic

Do the strategy recommendations contain imaginative ideas? Do they reflect a logical thought process? Are they reasonable and consistent with basic marketing concepts and principles?

Is the paper’s overall presentation (using such elements as cover, diagrams, maps, drafts of promotional materials) inviting, interesting, effective?

Has the group developed an overall plan that is practical, usable? Could the company actually implement it?

Writing Style

Is the paper free of spelling, grammatical and typographical errors?

Is the style of expression clear, concise and appropriate for its audience?

Has the paper been edited so that it reads as one document (rather than as segments contributed by different authors)? Does it flow well?

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