Critical Thinking in Project Management

Project Management Capstone “Masters Program”

Critical Thinking in Project Management

Analyze and Evaluate

You will use critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate a scholarly journal that focuses on project management as a discipline. Select a peer-reviewed article from an academic journal relating to project management as a process discipline associated with achieving organization strategic goals.

Morris, P. W. G., & Jamieson, A. (2005). Moving from corporate strategy to project strategy. Project Management Journal, 36(4), 5-18. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)


  1. Critically evaluate the article, and support or rebut the view of the author providing evidence from the academic literature.
  2. Include in your critical evaluation a brief discussion of the context of the environment in which project management is implemented as well as how this methodology intersects with other disciplines.
  3. Synthesize your findings and summarize your recommendations and write an 9-10 page APA formatted paper.
  4. Attach the article to your critique.
  5. Submit your draft paper to Turnitin and make updates.

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