Create a proper plot of the estimated Revenue and Cost in Excel to be turned in.

Engineering Assignment

ENGR 112 HW#5 NAME________________________

Turn in a copy of the spreadsheet used to make the graph and a word document with the answers to the questions and the graphs made in excel pasted into the document.

1. Your company has invented a new solar panel that is far superior to current materials. A new facility and manufacturing line will cost $7.5 Million. A contract is negotiated with a materials supplier to provide all of the raw material necessary for $27 per panel. Labor and overhead adds another $15 per panel. The panels will be sold for $90 each.

· Create a proper plot of the estimated Revenue and Cost in Excel to be turned in. Make the graph with the number of units on the X-Axis.

· Make sure to label the X and Y axis correctly and label the graph.

· Sketch a breakeven chart for this scenario on the graph, assuming you plan to manufacture a total of one million Panels.

· How many panels must the company make and sell to breakeven? Check your answer mathematically and round up to the nearest number of panels sold.

· How many panels must be manufactured and sold to make a profit of $10,000,000? Check your answer mathematically and round up to the nearest number of panels sold.

2. In many engineering uses, the value of “ g, ” the acceleration due to gravity, is taken as a constant. However, g is actually dependent upon the distance from the center of the Earth. A more accurate expression for g is:

Here, g0 is the acceleration of gravity at the surface of the Earth, A is the altitude, and Re is the radius of the Earth, approximately 6,380 kilometers. Assume g0 = 9.8 meters per second squared. What is the value of g at an altitude of 20 miles in units of meters per second squared?

3. The space shuttle fleet was designed with two booster stages. If the first stage provides a thrust of 5.25 Mega-newtons and the space shuttle has a mass of 4,470,000 pound-mass, what is the acceleration of the spacecraft in miles per hour squared?

4. The weight of a can of soda on the moon (where the acceleration of gravity is 1.6 meters per second squared) is 0.6 newtons. What is the mass of the can of soda on the Earth in units of kilograms?

5. An object has a weight of 120 pound-force [lbf] on the Moon, where gravity is 1.62 [m/s^2 ]. Find the mass of the object in units of pound-mass [lbm] on Earth, where gravity is 9.8 [m/s^2]. What is the weight of the object on Earth in newtons?

6. Which of the following plastics has the highest melting temperature? You must prove your answer for credit!

a) Acrylic at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

b) Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) at 423 kelvins.

c) High-density polyethylene (HDPE) at 710 degrees Rankine.

7. The tiles on the space shuttle are constructed to withstand a temperature of 1,950 kelvins. What is the temperature in units of degrees Fahrenheit, degrees Celsius, and degrees Rankine? Show your work.

8. Using the equations given for temperature conversion, derive an equation to convert directly from Kelvin to Fahrenheit and directly from Rankin to Kelvin.

[°F] = 1.8 * [°C] + 32

[K] = [°C] + 273

[°R] = [°F] + 460

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