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Access Panera Bread’s most recent 10-K (Annual Report). Panera’s 2016 Annual Report and Report to the Stockholders is available in the Individual Assignment Module in D2L. Information about Panera is also available at the Investor Relations section of Panera’s website:

Determine from the reports what Panera Bread believes are the primary competitive factors in its industry. Complete a competitive analysis grid for Panera Bread (see Case 5.1, p. 175-176, for additional information about Panera Bread).

Be thorough and objective regarding the categories of information for Panera that should be included in the grid. Most of the information needed to complete the grid can be obtained from the company Web site, SEC filings, and Web searches for additional information about Panera.

You should have at least six competitive factors and at least six companies to analyze (five competitors plus Panera). Use Table 5.5 p. 169 in the textbook and the Competitive Analysis Grid Example in D2L as a guide for your competitive analysis grid. Use a ranking of 1 to 5 to rate Panera in terms of its competitive position in the restaurant fast casual market. For example if you believe Panera is superior in terms of its menu you might rate Panera as a “1”. That does not mean that other competitors could not also be rated as a “1”. You could for example rate 2-3 competitors with the same ranking. The rating should reflect that company’s position in the market related to the specific factor. Note on your grid the definitions of your ratings. For example 1 = best; 5 = worst.

Look at your completed grid, and make an assessment regarding how Panera stacks up against its competitors. Does the grid reveal that Panera has advantages (relative to its competitors) that it is not fully taking advantage of, or compelling disadvantages that it needs to guard against?

Your completed assignment should include:

Competitive Analysis Grid (at least six competitive factors and six competitors including Panera) [6 pts.]

An assessment regarding how Panera stacks up against its competitors (350 words minimum) [7 pts.]

A discussion about Panera’s relative advantages over its competitors and/or compelling disadvantages it needs to address with competitors (350 words minimum) [7pts.]

Make sure your name is on the assignment!

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