competitive advantages for U.S., Mexican, and Chinese businesses


 Watch the two previous videos, “Made in America: Mexico” and  “Common Counterfeits,” to answer the following discussion board questions.

What do you believe is happening to U.S. businesses in Mexico and China?  What forms of competitive advantages do you see for U.S., Mexican, and Chinese businesses?  Do you believe all Cosco products sold in Mexico are “Made in America?”  Why or why not?  How can you tell if you purchase a counterfeit item?  Given the economic conditions, cultures, and legal/political differences in the three countries, how should U.S. businesses adapt, if they should adapt at all?  In other words, is it possible for U.S. businesses to adhere to their home country’s ethics and legal requirements in a foreign country?  If so, how?

Remember, if you refer to someone else’s thoughts, ideas, or words, you must include in-text citations and a reference page.

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