Case Study: “Welcome aboard”

Case Study: “Welcome aboard”

Write minimum 6 pages, double spaced, TNR 12.

The easy shall accomplish the following:

  • Generate alternative approaches to challenging circumstances to help Cheryl use the 4 frames (Bolman and Deal’s frames) [i.e., structural, HR, political, and symbolic] as scenarios, or scripts.
  • Also analyze in terms of systems approach by looking at the integrative dimension offered by Bolman and Deal’s (B&D). How would you approach the issues by combining the 4 frames?
  • Finally, analyze the CEO’s (Cheryl Hailstrom) transformational qualities in terms of the 7 dimensions discussed by Belasen (see chapter 8): values, vision, learning, understanding, ethical practices, and social constructivism. What is the CEO CVF profile?, then discuss their differences and similarities using concepts from Belasen’s text.
  • Overall, does she display strong EI skills? What response behaviors and strategies should she use to strengthen her credibility? (see Belasen, chapter 12 and especially Table 12.1).
  • How Bolman and Deal’s (B&D) frames suggest another set of possibilities. They offer the advantage of multiple angles to size up the situation? Each of the frames generates its own possibilities that can be translated into alternative scenarios.

Ensure to capture:

  • What’s really going on in this case?
  • What option does the new CEO have?
  • What script does the situation demand?
  • How might she reinterpret the scene to create a more effective scenario?

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