You need to find 5 websites describe the website and state why it is suitable

You need to find 5 websites describe the website and state why it is suitable for academic research There is a great deal of information available on the web and you can do a lot of research from your computer. However not everything on the web is acceptable for academic research. This assignment will help you evaluate sites that you find on the free pic (You should choose a topic that will form the basis for your annotated webliography. You should choose1 group(women laborers farmers believers scientists and scholars the middle class the aristocracy artisans merchants military people entrepreneurs religious authorities heretics artists patients builders and architects physicians musicians entrepreneurs etc.) or topic from the ancient worldthrough the 20th century. For the ancient world prehistory will certainly work but beginning with the eras of Egypt or classical Greece and Rome will suffice. You may choose another group; simply ask me for approval first.Before you start your paper read the UMUC Library guidelines for evaluating web resources to help determine whether the contents are of high quality and acceptable for college-level academic research: using a search engine of your choice (e.g. Google or Bing) findfivewebsitesthat are acceptable for academic research. UMUC library databases (for example JSTOR or other journal databases) Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia or wiki-type site like areNOTacceptable sites that require a subscription are additionallyNOTacceptable. You do not have to use the same topic as your annotated bibliography but you can if you want it is up to you.Complete the following for your annotated webliography:Provide a complete citation (as you would include it in your bibliography) for the site including the URL and your date of access. Note that the required style for this class is Chicago Manual of Style. For an example of what elements to include in your citation go to and click on Web Sites. You can also click on Course Resources click on Webliography and find examples of how to properly cite websites using the Chicago Manual of Style.Use the evaluation criteria provided by UMUC Information and Library Services to determine if the site is appropriate for college-level academic research.Write a paragraph for each website (five total approximately 250-300 words each) in which you describe the contents of eachwebsite in detail and why you think the site is acceptable for use in an academic research paper using the information you collected from your evaluation of the site.Sometimes people confuse a web address with being the same as a website. This is not the case. Articles from journals areNOTwebsites.Grading Rubric for Annotated Webliography_A= 20-19Strong description of website contents. Paper is well written with proper spelling grammar and composition. The paper has a logical flow to it with a clear focus. All statements in the paper are supported by evidence using the Chicago Manual of Style citation.


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