Why did you choose this particular work? Why do the author and the work appeal to you?

English Writing Due Tomorrow 03/10/2018 By 6:00 Pm

  • Sylvia Plath, The      Bell Jar (novel)*
  • Sylvia Plath, “The Wishing      Box” (short story)

This only needs to be 600 words or more (Do in MLA Format)

Your choice of literary work is going to be a very important step in the process of doing this next major assignment. Please take the requisite amount of time to investigate the listed works on your topic as well as others you may know about. Make sure that you can quickly locate a copy of the work, either online or through one of the libraries available to you. Also, spend an equal amount of time investigating scholarly sources about the work of literature. For this assignment, you may use sources available online as well as through the FTCC databases, as long as they are professional and credible reviews of the works.

Make sure to be clear about:

· The author and title of the work you have chosen

· Your rationale for choosing the literary work:

Why did you choose this particular work? Why do the author and the work appeal to you?

What relationship does it have to your chosen disability?

What do you hope to learn about the disability by reading a fictional treatment?

Explain the answers to these questions well, using complete sentences, specific language, specific details, and specific description.

Then, list at least three outside sources you plan to use as you analyze the work of fiction you have chosen. Preferably, you will have at least one scholarly source, but you may also use reviews as long as they refer specifically to the treatment of disability. List the works as they would appear on a works cited page, and supply eight sentences below each works cited entry that summarize how you plan to use the article/source in your essay.

Depression is the chosen disability and Please answer the above questions.

Use Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar or Sylvia Plath, The Wishing Box

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