What is the comedian’s stage persona?


300 Words Comedy Paper

Watch one of the following:

Hasan Minhaj, “Homecoming King”

Reggie Watts, “Spatial”

Bo Burnham, “Make Happy”

Maria Bamford, “Old Baby”

Aziz Ansari, “Live at Madison Square Garden”

Take some time to think about performance. What is the comedian’s stage persona? What is the tone? What devices––such as repetition, slapstick, irony, etc.––does the comedian use?

For this assignment, you will just be turning in a general response to the comedian’s style in this particular special. This should be around 300 words. The other half of this assignment will come later in the semester, when you will compare this comedian’s style with another comedian’s style.

Expectations of this assignment:

300 words

Informal, but analytical and attentive to detail

No summary––I have seen all of these and I don’t need you to summarize them for me 🙂

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