What are five strategies that can be implemented if there is a need to manage any complex or high risk situations?

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability to understand and apply the theoretical knowledge of developmental stages in order to assess their functioning in all three domains and your ability to evaluate your performance as an interviewer through reflection on your work.

Unit Code/ Name CHCCM503C Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management
CHCCW503A Work intensively with clients
Program Code / Name CHC50612 Diploma of Community Services Work
Teacher/Assessor Name SueTrembath
Assessment No AS3
Assessment Title Short answer and completion of documentation
Due Date 17 November 2015
Assessment Purpose

The purpose of this assessment is to give you practice in negotiating outcomes with clients using win-win negotiation strategies when making changes to the case management plan. The purpose of the second part of the assessment is to give you practical experience in completing closure documentation.

Assessment Details

Read the following case study and then answer the questions below and complete a closure form:

Antonio had previously been referred for case management from the drug court to undertake counselling and support as a result of his having been arrested for possession of narcotics.
The following information was gained within the first and follow-up sessions: He is a 30-year-old Argentinean who came to Australia with his parents, 20 years ago. They fled Argentina as a result of political strife and settled in Sydney. All extended family are still in Argentina. Antonio left Sydney 10 years ago to find work on the Gold Coast. He said he was having some trouble in Sydney with some people to whom he owed money. He recounts that he became involved with gangs whilst in Sydney and started low-level drug taking in late adolescence. Antonio expresses pride in his cultural background, but feels estranged from it. Antonio’s parents still keep in regular touch with him and he is obviously a cause of concern for them. However, their health is not good and he feels that he is a burden on them.
Antonio met a South American girl on the Gold Coast and she became pregnant early in their relationship. They lived together for two years and then separated. She gained custody of the child who is now five. She is refusing to allow him to have contact with the child and there is no court order in place.
Antonio has drifted from job to job and has worked mainly as a shortorder cook or bartender for a number of years. His drug taking has become habitual and he has taken cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines. He has also dabbled in intravenous heroin use. Antonio also drinks alcohol quite heavily. On occasion when he has been drinking a lot he will go to his previous girlfriends place and demand to see his daughter. Police have been called on a number of occasions and an Apprehended Violence Order is currently in place. It is clear that he still has strong feelings for his previous girlfriend and says that he loves her. He feels strongly that he would like to resume the relationship and assist with parenting the child.
Antonio is currently between jobs and has been sleeping on a friend’s couch for two weeks. This arrangement is unlikely to continue and so he is not sure where he will be accommodated next. He would like to increase his job options, but is not sure how to do this.
There have been a number of occasions when Antonio has stopped using drugs and alcohol. These periods of abstinence have been up to a month or two at a time. However, he has found that the pressure of being unemployed, having unstable accommodation and his anxieties about his family situation have led him back to seeking refuge in his addiction.
After working with Antonio for six months he has been referred to a local drug and alcohol service for counselling, an employment agency, Relationships Australia for family mediation and Lifeline for financial management assistance. He has been progressing with his issues, had gained a part-time position and is currently reunited with his girlfriend and child. Recently Antonio has started showing up to sessions appearing heavily intoxicated and discusses how he is going to be rich working on a new business model with some friends that have recently arrived from Sydney.
Part 1

1. Write a paragraph (approximately 200 words) that demonstrates how you could successfully negotiate changes in the case management plan with Antonio.
2. What are five strategies that can be implemented if there is a need to manage any complex or high risk situations?
3. Choose one behaviour change model/ practice then a) outline the main features of the model/practice and b) discuss how this may be useful in working with Antonio.
4. After working with Antonio for another 3 months, it is determined that he no longer requires the support of the Community Centre. He has made significant changes, with only a few needs remaining which the stakeholder group, including yourself and Antonio believe this need/s can be best managed by an alternate service. What key information do you need to discuss with Antonio as part of the transition process?

Part 2
You are required to develop, access from your workplace or download a case closure form and complete the details relating to your client, and ensuring you include the following:

• Client name
• Client address
• Case Manager Name/position/organisation
• Date of case closure
• Reason for case closure (consider policy and procedures here also)
• What goals have been achieved
• What goals are still being worked on (what are the needs that have not been addressed/met)
• Ongoing strategies to support the client after case closure
• Emergency contact number given to client
• Any other relevant information

Specific requirements to be included in assessment
Word Count Guideline Approximately 500 words for the first part of this assessment.
Format & Structure 1. Part one requires a formal paragraph structure
2. Part two requires completion of the details on the closure form
Referencing requirements APA referencing. In-text referencing and a reference list is required for the first part of this assessment.
Refer to the APA Referencing Guide on my.TAFE or on the Library Subject Guide Home Page
File Name Save your work on your desk top or USB with the following name:
[your surname]_ [your first name]_CHCCM503C_CHCCW503A_AS3
Example: Duck_Daffy_CHCCM503C_CHCCW503A_AS3
Submission Upload your submission by clicking on the CHCCM503C Assessment Task 3 Submit tab on my.tafe
Note: Watch the help video located in the CHCCM503C Assessment Task 3 tab for assessment upload instructions



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