Vocabulary Flashcards List, communications homework help

INSTRUCTIONS: You have been instructed to view and learn the definition of these 12 words in the link below.

Create a representation (word cloud, photo of a picture board, PowerPoint, list, et cetera) using all of your words. Explain why you selected these particular words and how you plan to apply these words affiliated with intercultural communication in regards to culture worldwide. Will any of these words influence your future language in other situations?


Specifically address why and how these words inform your intercultural competence. Create a 1 page essay in which you define all the vocabulary within your essay in APA Format. Use a minimum of 2 sources from references to explain the affiliation in which each vocabulary word has with intercultural communication on a world wide scale. Be sure to use in-text citations, and 1 source will be assigned to you.

The assigned source is : Lustig, M. W., Koester, J. (12/2012). Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures.

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