TED Talks, video presentation help

You must watch at least 60 minutes of “TED Talks”. (See https://www.ted.com/ ) You may watch any number of individual presentations to reach the 60 minutes of required video (For instance – watch four 15-minute videos or five 12-minute videos.) The video(s) should be related in some way to either your college major (civil engineering ) or to success in college and professional careers. Example topics: new technology, time management, stress management, learning strategies, negotiation strategies, dealing with failure, etc… You must write a 2-page paper in relation to the video(s) you watched. (2 pages total, not 2 pages for each video) Include a short overview of what the presentation was about, and mention what you found interesting about it. Write in detail about how the video pertains to your college or professional career. If applicable, mention how you found it to be helpful, or else what is the significance of the presentation. Include video URL’s with your paper. If you watch multiple videos, you may submit write-ups for each video separately. Write-ups may be submitted at any point during the semester, but all submissions must be in by June 23. Write-ups may be submitted on paper or electronically. If you wish to write about a video that is not from ted.com, you must approve the video with your instructor beforehand

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