story writing


Complete the story with the information that you have taken from the interview about your class mate and you. The story start it with (They swear that house was hunted ….) and the ending is (things would never be the same again.)

My information

I am 22 years old. I have one baby, He is 16 months old. My favorite food is shrimp. I am a photographer. I don’t like animals specially cats. I watch TV all day long. I am a doll favorite super hero is Patman.

My class mate interview answers

He wants to know when he going to die to prepare himself to that day.

He wants to read people minds to know what they think about him.

He loves Italian food (pasta). his favorite snack bar is KitKat

Having good grade in school make him happy

His favorite super hero is Spider man.

He got a horse as a gift when he graduated.

He want to meet Jenifer Aniston and Cristiano Ronaldo


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