Your task for this essay is to write a critical response to either Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

A critical response entails considering an argument from an objective and unbiased point of view. To call a response “critical” does not necessarily mean that you are expected to criticize or pick apart an argument; instead, it indicates that you should carefully consider the main components of the argument: the major claim (or thesis statement), the supporting ideas, the evidence, and the quality of the writing. You are also invited to reflect upon what you think the author’s underlying assumptions or possible biases about their topic might be.

Your essay should have the following elements:

  1. A first paragraph in which you clearly state your perspective on the argument and the reason that you have developed that perspective. Keep in mind that you can both disagree and agree with an argument—you simply have to make clear what parts you disagree with, and what parts you agree with.
  2. Paragraphs that clearly develop the main ideas of your response. You should think of this section of your argument as a place to introduce evidence for why you agree and/or disagree. You are expected to carefully summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote from your argument—this will be the main source of evidence for you claims.
  3. A paragraph(s) in which you describe what your opinion of the debate issue (the influence of technology) was before reading, and how your chosen argument has influenced your thinking.
  4. A concluding paragraph in which you emphasize the most important main idea of your response. A crucial measure of the success of your argument will be how clearly you present the major motivator for your argument: why did you write this? Don’t say because your teacher told you to!!!

Drafting Requirements:

Your paper should be double-spaced, written in 12-point font (in Calibri, Ariel, or Times New Roman), with 1-inch-margins and page numbers. Give your paper an original title, and be sure to include the following information in the upper-left-hand corner of the first page: your name, the instructor’s name, the class number and section, the due date, and the word count.

You are also required to include in-text citations and a work-cited page!!!

Here is the link to the reading:

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