research Supreme Court decisions specific to civil rights

Supreme Court Assignment

Supreme Court decisions regarding Civil Rights have created judicial policy and precedence that guides race relations in the United States. For your final writing assignment you are required to research Supreme Court decisions specific to civil rights and select one for your research. You are required to summarize the decision made by the justices and address four specific areas of the case: 1) the constitutional question being asked/debated; 2) arguments presented by the justices for and against the constitutional question; 3) how each justice voted on the decision and the type of decision (concurring/dissenting); 4) the legal doctrine established by the court.

You are required to outline the case from its origin (state level; appeals etc) provide extensive background on the case you select. This is a research assignment as opposed to a position paper. In other words, present facts in your paper rather than opinion. The paper length requirement is four pages (body) MLA format and a minimum of five scholarly sources.

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