Research proposal outline

Research proposal outline

SOC-400 Research Proposal Outline

Sociology students should know how to organize their writing to present a research proposal. This assignment will help you learn this skill. Complete the sections below as directed, citing scholarly sources where needed.

Assignment Directions:

Use this outline below to complete this assignment. Fill in the missing portions needed to write a research proposal based on your research question and selected type of research:

Write your research question here:
Type of Research:

After reviewing the five types of research presented in this course, describe the type of research (method) you would use for your study. Why did you decide on using this type of research? (50-75 words) (You will be summarizing this aspect in Part III below but in this section, explain why you plan to use this method. Why did you reject the other possible methods?)

I. Title: Social Problem/Issue

Describe the social problem/issue.

II. Introduction:

List the sections that will be included in your introduction: (Note: The literature review is not a section of your introduction in this assignment. Also, there is no determined number of sections in the introduction, but use the list provided below as needed)




III. Literature Review: Explain the results of your exploration of what has already been studied and what gaps exist in the research that has already been done about the problem or issue you have identified.

IV. Methods: Description of research method(s) you plan to use for your proposed research.

V. Data Analysis: Include any specific hypotheses you plan to test, what variables you will measure, and how you will measure them. If you are going to use any statistical tests, which ones do you plan to use and what software will this require?

VI. Implications: Why is this research important? Will it be used to change some policies, or to improve some social condition? Will it give us a better basic understanding of some type of human behavior?

VII. Timeline: This section includes planned dates for the research, especially the data collection and analysis.


VIII. Budget: What is it going to cost to carry out this research proposal and where will you get the funds to do this?



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