Research Methods

Research Methods

This feedback is needed for the other assignments especially module 8

Individual Feedback


In discussing your procedures be sure to include step by step procedures on how the study was conducted.


Please review the following purpose statement example given by Creswell

The purpose of this _______________ (strategy of inquiry, such as ethnography, case study, or other type) study is (was? will be? to ___________ (understand? Describe? Develop? Discover?) the _________ (central phenomenon being studied) for ___________ (the participants, such as the individual, group, organization) at __________ (research site).  At this stage in the research, the __________ (central phenomenon being studied will be generally defined as __________(provide a general definition).

Revisit RIGOR

In qualitative research, Creswell (1958), indicated that rigor is the thinking process of the researcher that really matters. Was the study well-conceived and conducted? Are the decisions clear? Was sufficient evidence gathered and presented? Was the researcher rigorous in searching for alternative explanations for what was learned? Are different interpretations put forward and assessed?

In this section you should also discuss credibility and dependability and transferability.


Triangulation in qualitative research is used to demonstrate a solid foundation for generating speculative assertions from the data. Methodological triangulation is the process of using various data collection methods to study the same phenomenon or event. In many qualitative studies methodological triangulation is achieved by using many data collection methods, such as recorded and unrecorded interviews -casual conversations after the interview, field notes, and document analysis.

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