Research Methods in Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

1. Read the attached published article and answer the questions below.

a. What were the independent and dependent variables in the study? Note: There was 1 IV and 3 DVs.

b. How was each of the above variables (independent and dependent) operationally defined? You will not get full credit for general statements. I want details about the manipulation (IV) and measurement (DV)! Be specific!

  1. Describe      1 extraneous variable (potential confound) that was or should have been      controlled in the study. Be sure to      explain in your description how this variable could affect the results if    not taken into account.
  1. Using      your own creativity, operationally define stress as either (1) an independent variable that you      could manipulate OR as (2) a dependent      variable that you could measure. Be specific!

Read Chapters 2, 4, & 15 of “A Crash Course in SPSS.” Then do the following:

  1. Enter      the data from Table 5.1 (cotton production and lynchings, p 31) into the      SPSS Data Editor. Once the data      have been entered, generate (1) a summary or descriptive statistics for      the cotton ($m) and lynchings variables; be sure to choose Mean, Sum, SD,      Min, Max, and Kurtosis, and (2) a scatterplot (with detailed and      appropriately labeled axes) to illustrate the relationship between      lynchings and cotton production (see section 15.5). Hand in a printout of your summary      results and your scatterplot. 5 pts

Read Chapter 0 (0.0-0.4) from Seeing Statistics ( Then answer the following questions:

  1. At the      bottom of the page in Chapter 0.1.3 Navigation, click on “Survey” and take      the “Statistical Knowledge Quiz.” Score it electronically (by clicking the appropriate button). What score did you get (out of 20)?
  1. In      Chapter 0.2.2, you will see a die. Click on the die 6 times. What 6 numbers did the die land on? Answer the two questions asked by the author of Seeing Statistics,   in your own words. To question 2      add this: What kind of results      would demonstrate randomness/fairness?

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