report filed by a public company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Company: PepsiCo

SEC 10-K Report:

The SEC 10-K assignment will consist of research to write a paper on an annual SEC 10-K report filed by a public company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The focus of this assignment is on the financial statements as a whole and the concepts related to the topics covered in this course..  There are two deliverables: (1) SEC 10-K Paper, and (2) SEC 10-K Power Point presentation based on your paper.

1. You will write a 2 – 3 page paper, single spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt font, with double space between paragraphs. Your paper should comment on the financial statements for your company ** Use headings in your paper such as Investments (topics from our textbook; other examples would be Financial Ratios or Cash Flow). Please keep your paper to no more than 3 pages

2. Please include a brief introduction of your company as well as a conclusion/summary at the end.

3. You will also be required to include the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement as an attachment to your report (you can cut and paste directly from the 10-K report).

4. APA style is required for citations and a reference list.

5. Page count does not include title page, tables and exhibits, table of contents, and reference list

6. Please include a title page (include your name on the title page)

7. Include a reference list (business classes use APA format)

8. Include in text citations (business classes use APA format)

9. Your paper should use one-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom of each page, and font set at 12 point.

SEC 10-K Power Point Presentation

10. You will also be required to prepare a brief power point file of no more than 6 slides.

Include a reference list in APA format.

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