replies for discussion

replies for discussion

1-Please provide a response for the provided.

2-Minimum of 100 for each.

Response #1 (classmate Marcos)

A very controversial contemporary problem that many of us may face in our lives is racism. It has stemmed from the abhorration of a many ancestors and sparked many people today. Someone who advocates racism would view racism as a part of history and that it is unalterable. In the streets, you may even find marches and rallies that are for or against racism and its supporters. Being as disputable as it is, conflict is an unavoidable result that cannot be deterred in this scenario. In our latter-day society, compared to the majority of the population that promote anti-racism, only a handful of people are still pro-racism. Any interactionist would be able to at least understand the importance of ridding the thoughts and ideas behind racism. But, on the other hand, people may see this differently than others; it is thought of in many religions you can not have a society that does not recognize both the good and the bad. In this case, anti-racism has taken the form of the good while pro-racism has taken the latter.

Response #2 (classmate Amanda)

One major contemporary social problem that many face is gender equality. The perspective of a functionalist would view this as a form that gender inequalities exist as an efficient way to create labor division or a social system in which particular segments of the population is responsible for certain acts. A proponent of theory conflict would argue that the only reason these roles persists is because the dominant group works to maintain power and status. An interactionist perspective believes that gender inequality exists because the way people act toward each other based of the meaning they have for one another. They also believe that these meanings are derived through social interaction and these meanings are transformed and managed by people using an interpretive process to make sense of, and handle the objects that compose their social worlds.

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