redesigning of Killer App Software


8–10 PowerPoint slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide, APA, -20% OV, 3 SOURCES! THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS TWO PARTS

A professional organizational design networking and learning society has requested that you share the learning and best practices from your entire experience with the redesign of Killer App Software. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 8–10 slides that discusses the following:

Briefly outline Killer App’s situation.

Explain your decisions, the redesign, and why you chose it.

Explain what organization design principles you have found to be the most insightful and useful when working with Killer App Software.

Explore best practices that can be leveraged to help a company in a similar situation.

Explain some likely pitfalls or mistakes to avoid in an organization redesign of this type.

PHASE 4 DB: Review the assignment requirements for the Phase 4 Individual Project. Based on the directives, draft an introductory overview for your PowerPoint presentation. 400-600 WORDS

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