Race And Sex In The Workplace

Race And Sex In The Workplace

Race and Sex in the Workplace: explore race, gender, and occupational stratification in the workforce.

Choose a person to interview. This person should have experience with  race, gender, and/or occupational stratification, either as a human  resources manager, a hiring manager, or someone similar, OR you may  choose someone who personally experienced race, gender, and/or  occupational stratification.

Create at least five interview questions related to racism, sexism, and stereotypes in the workforce.

Interview this person.

Discuss the interview in an organized paper, supporting your analysis  of the interview with the text, lectures, and appropriate other  resources.  Be sure to address issues of racism, sexism, and stereotypes  in the workforce.   Finally, apply your own experiences to your  interviewee’s responses. Be sure to include your interview questions and  the person’s responses to the question in your paper.

Provide a minimum of three references and apply the correct APA standards in the format of text, citations, and references.

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