product marketing launch plan.


This is Part 4 of your product marketing launch plan.

Using the product that you selected in Week 1 create the products’ brand and communication strategies for your marketing plan. This assignment will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.

This  is to be 600 words (no more no less). Points are deducted if under or over.

Within  the fisrt two sentences of the plan, open with the name and brief description of your product.

Part 1: Define the brand strategy and its alignment with the product. Include (2) bullets below to include in this discussion. Apply 1 marketing concept with reference from the course readings.  Be sure to highlight differences applicable between the domestic and international geo targets defined in Week 1.

Importance of the firms brand image aligned with the new product, why with an example

Maintaining the products’ brand image, why with an example

Branding concerns (pros and challenges).

Identify what is unique per the domestic and international markets as applicable in the work below.

Part 2: Create a summary of the products’ communications plan. Include (2) bullets below in this discussion. Apply 1 marketing concept with reference from the course readings.

Integrated Marketing Communication approach

Advertising Strategy/Objectives (2)

Media Strategy (include social media)

How to measure customer loyalty and retention

Note:  Charts/graphs/diagrams do not count as word count.

DO NOT include abstract, introduction or conclusion. Use the word count for the above sections of the assignment.

Use section headings throughout based on the above assignment sections.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

References to be Applied:  (2) course reading “marketing concepts” with associated references. Also, apply at least (1) external reference.

Run and Apply both WritePoint and plagiarism tools on the paper.  Submit both reports with the assignment.

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