outsourcing strategy

Write a 500-word (minimum) APA 12pt, double spaced. Use only credible references – grading is very hard on credible sources. That backs paper points and statements. He also referenced this blog for APA headings etc. http://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/2011/04/how-to-use-five-levels-of-heading-in-an-apa-style-paper.html
Read Case 3-1: eBay’s Outsourcing Strategy (located in your textbook)-see attachment

Prepare a submission that reflects the following questions:

1.When companies like Dell are reducing outsourcing in some areas, should eBay be considering expanding outsourcing?

2.What are the limits to outsourcing Trust and Safety?

3.What are the advantages/disadvantages of the BOT strategy and how  does it stack up against the other two options Dalton outlines in her  Excel spreadsheet? What are opportunism, capability, and flexibility  implications of the strategy?

4.What will eBay’s senior management do with Kathy Dalton’s new three-tiered outsourcing strategy?

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