One page analysis paper

In this assignment you will watch a video introducing a real-world example of effective B2B marketing and correlate concepts and information presented with the introductory concepts presented in the first chapter readings.

Students are to view this video prior to writing their analysis paper:

Watch VideoThe Best Example of B2B Marketing – Email Marketing by the Book

Duration: (8:54)
User: exacttarget – Added: 6/6/13

A number of marketing terms are discussed in this video including cross-channel marketing, digital medial, search-engine optimization, and the use of email as the foundation for an effective cross-channel B2B marketing strategy.

Using the example of Volvo’s B2B strategy, students are to write a 1-page analysis paper.

In this paper the student is to:

  • Discuss specifically how this marketing strategy differs from a consumer-based marketing strategy
  • Identify the unique approaches taken by the company to reach their B2B customer
  • Explore the use of cross-channel marketing techniques
  • Correlate the strategy with the value network concept presented in the chapter readings.

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