Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

APA Paper

Gravetter, F. J., & Forzano, L. B. (2016). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (5th ed.). Belmont, California: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1-305-10413-6.



Supplemental Resources 

1. Correlational studies from Explorable Psychology Experiments

2. Examples of real correlational studies design, Precision, and validity in observational studies from the Journal of Palliative Medicine

Select a peer reviewed journal article on any social science topic that used one of the research strategies or designs mentioned in chapter 12 and13. Provide the following 2-4 page analysis:

1. The purpose of the article and hypothesis.

2. The research strategy, sampling techniques, and measurements used.

3. The variables identified, operationalized definitions, and theory used.

4. Discuss any ethical and validity issues.

5. Your overall analysis of the research conducted


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