measurements that help people in the organization understand how measures are performed

To: Dr. Clover (2nd Response Needed For Unit 4 DB)

Appropriate measurements should be determined by how well they help with the progress of objectives that have been made. Measurements should be: quantifiable, understandable, actionable, repeatable, and timely. Measures should be objective rather than subjective, this is critical for accuracy. (Foley, 2016). Understanding the appropriate measurements helps people in the organization understand how measures are performed. Appropriate measurements should be able to be impacted because if they are not they are usable. Good measures should be able to be used more than once so that tracking progress over different time periods can be charted and compared. Assessing measures annually is a good way to collect information on how good progress is going.

Strategic drivers are important for improvements and are measured and tracked over time. Strategic drivers are usually influenced to change after indicators bring it to the attention of management that things need to be changed. Appropriate measurements allow strategic drivers to be measured so improvements can be made where they need to be made at. Strategic drivers are the plan organization can follow for successful outcomes.


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