Management Information System

Case: Sew What? The Role of Information Technology in Small Business Success.Case Summary:

1.) Provide a summary overview of the case in your own words.

Case Analysis:

2.) What role does IT play in small businesses that are not ecommerce companies? Do brick and mortar companies need IT just as much as ebusinesses?

Case Application:

3.) In narrative form, define and describe at least three technologies that small businesses should embrace in their IT work.

  • Learner successfully applied critical thinking to the case study analysis & recommendations/actions taken – 25 pts max.
  • – Learner s successfully incorporated a minimum of two concepts/principles from the textbook (or external sources) in their work to support their position. (No more than 10% of the entire submission should be from referenced sources. In other words, the references should support the learner’s work not be the bulk of what is written.) – 25 pts max.
  • – Learner met the criteria for academic writing (i.e. no spelling or grammar errors, properly formatted paragraphs, APA formatting used for references, etc.) – 15 pts max.
  • – Each question needs to more than 250 words. – 10 pts max.

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