making a plan

STAT Project

1. Part A: Make a Plan

This is a communication between you and your instructor and will be used to help you clear up misunderstandings prior to the start of the actual project work. The plan should be from 1-2 pages in length. Please describe, in your own words, what is expected of you (that is, of the report) from the supervisor. What is the purpose of the analysis? What do you think each of the listed variables might contribute to the results of your investigation? For example, why is the high school average important? Why would we want to know the college GPA of a sample of college students if we are talking about admission to the college? What could/would your recommendations possibly be used for? To whom would they be important? The final paragraph is a statement that indicates that you understand how you are allowed to work on your project. That is also considered plagiarism.

A rubric attached

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