make a list of claims and evidence analysis

Need it to be done in 6 Hours

English W131 – Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I

Writing Project #2 – Summary/Strong-Response Essay

Draft #1

1. Read WP2 article and WP2 Assignment Guidelines (in Canvas//WP2)

2. Read/review Chapters 7a-7c, 8a-8h (or 8g in 1st ed.), and 15 a-g

3. Do one of the following forms of annotation:

a. Annotate a hard copy of the WP2 article as shown in the textbook example in 7b (How Hip-Hop Music…)

b. Annotate a digital version of the WP2 article using Word Comments

4. For the article, make a list of claims and evidence analysis (see Student Model in 7c)

5. Submit the following as WP2 Draft 1:

a. Word documents showing your annotation of the article or photos of your annotation of hard copies of the articles

b. A list of major claims and evidence for the article (the claims are not made by the article’s authors; instead, the authors quote other people, so make sure you identify who is making the claims)

(If you do this assignment correctly, you will be submitting 2 items – annotation and claims list for the article)

6. Bring documents above to next class.

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