logical development of arguments and objective arguments

Policy Paper Sam’s Club Layo Procedures For Employees AEr Hurricane Maria

Policy paper

Subject : Sam’s Club layo  procedures for  employees aer hurricane Maria

-present a policy paper using subject of layo and compensaon . Puerto rico labor law+ labor reform


-develop in an original way

-logical development of arguments and objecve arguments

-use of academic resources only

Dene the problem or issue. Disregard for  the layo procedures and compensaon  of employees

Analyze—according to the labor laws of Puerto rico and reform act analyze if the  the company

respected the protocol.

Summarize your ndings or state recommendaons. With the help of academic resources, and labor

law resources, provide an alternate development for this case

recommendaons or )ndings in response to speci)c problems and avoid generalizaons.

• Generate criteria for evaluang data. Explain the key assumpons and methodology

underlying your analysis and priorize the criteria you rely on to assess evidence.

• If you are producing recommendaons, develop a theory of change, and analyze the

opons and tradeos according to your methodology and assess their feasibility.

What are the pros and cons? What is feasible? What are the predictable outcomes?

Develop a logic model to gird your analysis and support your asserons with relevant


-5 pages

Here are links to research articles:



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