Sometimes you will have a Complaint or other document that needs to be “cleaned up” before it is filed. As a paralegal, you are the first and last line of defense to ensure that documents are correct and professional before they are filed with the court or served on the other party.

For your assignment, download the collections complaint below, which has haphazardly been put together by your supervising attorney. Using the facts provided, clean up the complaint, ensuring that the facts are accurate, all necessary information is included, and it is free of grammatical or spelling errors. Your completed assignment should reflect a complaint which is ready to be filed.

Collections Complaint

The facts: Billy Blue ordered merchandise from Rudolph Enterprises. The merchandise was delivered, but he has not paid his bill. Rudolph has attempted to obtain payment for the merchandise numerous times, but all phone calls have gone unanswered. The total amount due is $4,077.61, plus interest.

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